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Magic Mirror Sensor Light Panel

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How does magic mirror sensor light panel work?

1. Mirror to light panel converting mode
Whenever customer step forth to view their reflection, they will see an advertising poster in the mirror with bright lights.

2. Light panel to mirror converting mode
Whenever customer step forth to have a look the lighting AD poster in the frame, they will see their reflection through the mirror.

3. Timer function
After mode changed, it holds for 5 or 6seconds before get back to earlier mode evenif, the object just passed by.
User can choose this timer function easily by On/Off switch button at the side of panel.

4. Easy to change or install AD poster
User can change or install the AD poster so easily and quickly.
The front mirror panel is the hinged door type that pull open and then, put the AD poster on the light guide plate or back side of mirror.

5. Price list
Just contact us !!

6. Minimum order quantity
Over 20pcs

7. Light source
We use Chip LED for the best brightness and stable power.
Brightness: Over 6,000Lux for A3 size panel (297 x 420mm)

8. Power
We use the best quality of SMPS adapter DC12V

9. Frame
Aluminum silver color frame standard
Frame width: 40mm
Option: We can use other material frame by request (Ex. Wooden, shiny Chrome color and etc.)

10. Sensor
We use the world best quality of Photo sensor which is quality approved CE.
You can adjust the sensor detective range within 0~2meters easily.

11. Magic mirror
We use glass half mirror thickness 3mm.
It looks perfect mirror when back lights off.
And, we do laminating by transparent thin sheet at the back side of magic mirror for better safety when mirror broken.

12. All parts are "Made in Korea" that we give you quality warranty time for 1 year.

For more details, just visit our website at
Also, you can see the real video demo from above site the menu at "MOVIE".
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